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I couldn’t put the book down once I started it. After I finished it, my son grabbed it and I found him reading it into the wee hours of the morning. Vicki M. ... Congratulations Jack.  That is fantastic news. It will be the first book that I buy this year.  May God continue to bless you for your dedication to having a dream and working consistently to make it happen.  Now I can I really know that writer, "Jack Manick"' I am as proud of you as if one of my sons had written your book. Have a blessed day, C  Rodgers...I found the book to be an easy read and found it hard   Congratulations Jack. This is terrific! Very good to hear from you.I am interested in getting 2 signed BW hard cover copies at your convenience. One for me and one for a good friend who was a chopper pilot for nearly a couple years there. I have a few other friends who served in-country and will pass this on to them as well. G Johnson

Vietnam Medic

    1969 was a momentous year for the world and especially America. It was a year when man first set foot on the moon and in an equally amazing feat, the New York Mets won baseballs coveted World Series. While earth shaking events were happening two hundred thousand miles from home or deep within the confines of Shea Stadium, men of every race, education and age group were fighting and dying 12,000 miles from home in America's most unpopular war, Vietnam.

    Today, 40 years later, writer, husband and Veteran Jack Manick reaches into his soul and resurrects the fear, tension, foreboding, laughter and terror that he and his fellow "Band of Brothers" felt as they walked the jungles and forests of the Central Highlands of Vietnam in 1969.While in the "Bush", he carried a pack, a medical aid bag, two knives, three grenades, a rifle, pistol and an unbreakable commitment to save the lives of his fellow soldiers, even at the cost of his own.

    The story of Jack "Doc" Manick and his fellow soldiers is one of survival...survival in a country laden with malaria, crawling with venomous snakes, scorpions, rats, giant centipedes and tigers and dominated by an enemy determined "Not to lose the War!"

    The language is as tough as the enemy who fought against him, as unrelenting as the blistering heat of the Dry Season and as depressing as the endless mud and mold of the Monsoon Season.

    Incoming invites you to lace up your jungle boots and take a walk with Jack through the jungles and the fields of dry grass in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in 1969.

Jack (DOC) Manick, Jack Manick

Jack Manick, Vietnam Combat Medic

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